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The Myoko Ski Resorts are only 2.5 hours from Tokyo. Myoko Kogen Japan receives around 14 metres of snowfall each winter!

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Myoko Ski Resort offers a number of unique skiing opportunities that lie across the Myoko Kogen mountain range and surrounding areas.

There is no one Myoko Ski Resort with a single access ticket. Rather it is a series of individual resorts located around the region. The Myoko Kogen Ski Resorts are the most popular with foreign visitors, but there are other great off the radar options scattered throughout the area and in nearby Nagano (see map lower down).

Myoko Ski Resort
Akakura Onsen Village

Myoko Ski Resorts
Myoko Kogen

The Myoko area is a paradise for winter sports lovers with a great range of Myoko accommodation options. Most Myoko ski resorts now have a number of ski schools with instructors teaching partly or exclusively in English to help you improve your skiing, or to get out into the beautiful backcountry of the area.

There are endless ways to enjoy skiing here, from long, scenic, tree-lined slopes to challenging bump runs—and especially deep, deep powder. The best months for skiing the Myoko Ski Resorts tend to be in January and February, although great snowfalls can extend anywhere between November and May!

Need Myoko ski schools? You find plenty of options available as well as Myoko ski rentals. For Myoko backcountry skiers there is plenty of great terrain to be found and some great local tour guides to help you out if needed. Snowshoe enthusiasts will find several good runs around the Myoko area with rental gear and snowshoe tours available.

The Myoko Ski Resorts are located in the south-western end of Niigata Prefecture – just a two hour ride from Tokyo on the shinkansen bullet train, then a local train to Myoko Kogen.

You can check our regular Myoko Snow Reports here or check our Myoko Ski Resort webcams here.

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Myoko Ski Resort

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All the Myoko ski areas allow full access to both skiers and snowboarders alike, with terrain parks for those who live for the challenge of winter sports along with some sweet tree runs and sidecountry.

Myoko Kogen itself consists of several different areas and five main ski resorts: Akakura Onsen, Akakura Kanko, Ikenotaira Onsen, Myoko Suginohara and Seki Onsen plus numerous other ski resorts within easy driving or shuttle distance.

myoko ski resort map
Myoko Ski Resort map courtesy of Myoko Tourism
akakura onsen

Akakura Onsen

Akakura began it’s life as a traditional hot spring retreat before it installed ski lifts above the village.

ikenotaira onsen

Ikenotaira Alpenblick

Ikenotaira Alpenblick provides both wide, gentle slopes plus one of the best board and ski parks in Japan.

Myoko Ski Resort - Seki Onsen

Seki Onsen

The small 2 lift Seki Onsen now has a cult following worldwide for it’s deep powder and rustic feel.

myoko ski resort information
akakura kanko myoko ski resort

Akakura Kanko

Established in 1937, the Akakura Kanko Hotel and Resort was one of the first ski resorts in Japan.

myoko suginohara

Myoko Suginohara

Myoko Suginohara has everything from steep bump runs and open slopes to Japan's longest run.

Myoko Ski Resort - Lotte Arai Ski Resort

Lotte Arai

Lotte Arai Resort recently re-opened to world acclaim for the quality of it’s Japan ski experience

Myoko Ski Resort - Charmant Hiuchi

Charmant Hiuchi

Charmant Hiuchi Ski Resort is known for it’s all-access powder, especially among snowboarders.

Myoko Ski Resort - Madarao Tangram

Madarao | Tangram

Just across the valley from Myoko, Madarao Kogen and Tangram Ski Resorts are famous for “Mad-A-Pow”

Myoko Ski Resort - Cupid Valley

Cupid Valley

Cupid Valley Ski Resort is a smallish resort with 9 trails and 4 lifts located in the far reaches of Joetsu City

Resorts Further Afield

Further afield in Itoigawa is the off the beaten track ski resort Seaside Valley. Then there are many others as you head across the nearby border to Nagano, such as the adjacent Kurohime Kogen, as well as Shiga Kogen, Nozawa Onsen, Togari Onsen, Togakushi plus many more! Rent yourself a car and discover as many as you want.

Not sure where all the Myoko Ski Resorts are? They’re all listed here, along with lots of other resorts, as well as the nearest train station.

Myoko Ski Resort Accommodation

Most foreign visitors choose to stay around the main village of Akakura Onsen which is about 10 minutes by taxi from Myoko Kogen Station. There are also Myoko Kogen Japan accommodation options available across the different resorts and down the hill near Myoko Kogen station as well in nearby Lake Nojiri, Arai and Joetsu City.

Check the location of just some of your Myoko hotel options on the map right.

History of Myoko Kogen

Myoko Kogen (Myoko Highlands) stands under the shadow of Myoko-san (Mount Myoko), one of Japan’s most famous mountains. The original meaning of Myoko comes from Buddhist culture – ‘Holy mountain standing in the center of the universe’.

The Myoko ski resort fields, one of the largest ski areas in Japan, were first used in 1911 which makes it one of the oldest established ski areas in the world. In 1916, Myoko Kogen became nationally famous when it came first in a vote taken to find the most popular summer resort in Japan.

By the 1930’s Myoko Kogen had become Japan’s first international winter resort and today it is still a traditional winter holiday destination for Japan’s imperial family.

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"I would like to say thank you to this wonderful place. Myoko has completely fulfilled our expectations."
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"2019 was our third visit since 2015. The awesome Myoko Ski Resort powder keeps drawing us all back."
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David Larsen
"My boyfriend and I just had the best time! Lovely people, wonderful skiing and yummy food options!"
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